We are pleased to introduce
the new Canadian Credit Bureau team,
composed of experts in their respective fields.

Photo de Sylvain Paquette
Sylvain Paquette,
President / Instructor

Photo de Claude Doyon
Claude Doyon,
Associate / Vice-President

Photo de Cynthia Pelland
Cynthia Pelland,
Associate / Business Development

Photo de Claudia Aubry
Claudia Aubry,
Director of Operations and HR

Photo de Yvan Kharlanov
Ivan Kharlanov,

Photo de Cynthia Chassé
Cynthia Chassé,
Credit Bureau Analyst

Photo de Céline Legault
Céline Legault,
Administrative Coordinator

Photo de JCM
Jean-Christophe Martin,
Digital Media Manager

CCBU - Canadian Credit Bureau