Vision and mission

Vision and mission



The Canadian Credit Bureau is an important player in improving consumer credit reports throughout the Canadian consumer credit market. Its objective is to ensure that credit records are up to date and reflect both the truth and a given consumer’s creditworthiness.


It sits on three commitments all of which form the pillars of the Canadian Credit Bureau’s “Charter of Commitment” towards its various social partners. Such a charter is the foundation of the organization’s strategic and operational decisions. We pledge to align, at all times, our arbitrations and decisions, acts and actions, with our Charter of Values and Principles in accordance with our mission and vision.


The Canadian Credit Bureau’s mission is to maintain a positive relationship between a debtor and a creditor all the while upholding an impartial position. It can:

  1. Analyze a consumer’s credit file in order to update erroneous information while optimizing the file in general.
  2. Recommend actions to optimize the consumer’s credit file.
  3. Proceed with the update of erroneous information in order for the consumer’s credit report to reflect the truth about one’s current financial situation.
  4. Promote a fair settlement between a faulty debt or and his/her credit or to avoid an injurious situation between the parties. Always promote a positive settlement agreement, which benefits both parties without being affected by an assignment in bankruptcy or consumer proposal.
  5. Assist a potential victim of identity theft in proving his/her innocence and rectifying the situation to restore the credit report as it was before the identity theft.
  6. Promote and raise awareness, through its credit education programs, among both professionals and consumers of the importance of consumer credit indebtedness.


We are committed to not only satisfying our customers needs, but also exceeding their expectations in each of our acts, action plans and in our allocation of resources.

We also commit ourselves to anticipate such needs and expectations in order to make those the foundation of our long-term growth plans.


To our team of internal partners, we commit ourselves to remain a proactive and dynamic community, friendly and supportive, open and hospitable, sought for the excellence of its culture and that of its vision.


We commit ourselves to remain an organization connected with other organizations and agencies on account of their support and/or the proximity of their calling, goals and objectives with ours.

We also remain committed to be an ethical and civic organization, promoter of equal opportunities as well of a democratic and fair access to our clients’ fundamental rights.


At the Canadian Credit Bureau, we believe that a fair and responsible use of consumer credit is the key to a balanced society poised for the thriving of one and all.

We also believe that the legitimacy and sustainability of the Canadian Credit Bureau requires meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers and that the development of a culture of excellence at all levels of the organization remains the only strategy to achieve this.

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