Credit education and optimization

Credit education and optimization

To help you get mortgage approval quickly, plan to update your credit file!

This update will allow you:

Greater flexibility in buying and leasing

Lower home insurance premium

More flexible borrowing conditions


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    Credit correction to buy a house & car

    Is your credit file full of errors?

    Did you believe to have good credit, but your financial institution refused your mortgage loan or another type of loan due to a low credit rating?

    Were you surprised?

    Well, know that you are not alone because 79% of consumer credit files contain errors that may be harmful to consumers. Rest assured! The CCBU is here to fix your situation by making the necessary corrections to your file so that you can show your “credi-bility” to financial institutions and thus put in action your plan to purchase a house, an automobile or anything else.

    Mission of the CCBU:

    • Analyse credit files.
    • Correction of credit files with the help of our lawyer.
    • Optimize your credit file.
    • Favor a fair settlement between yourself and your creditor.
    • Support victims of fraud and identity theft.
    • Provide trainings for lenders, professionals, consumers and others.
    • Credit education program.

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